Hadoop Quiz Set 01

What is the command to start all services related to HDFS
In HDFS the files cannot be
What is the main problem faced while reading and writing data in parallel from multiple disks?
What is Rack
What is the tool used to uniformly spread the data across the DataNode's ?
What is the most popular high-level Java API in Hadoop Ecosystem
How does Hadoop process large volumes of data?
Which framework is used to store data in Hadoop
What is a platform for constructing data flows for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processing and analysis of large datasets.
What is the command to start all services related to yarn
Can we process data if NameNode is down?
Is is possible for NameNode to have no data?
Which architecture Hadoop follows
What is the default size in Hadoop 1.x
What is heartbeat in HDFS?
What is the command to check for Hadoop services
Pick odd one out
As part of the HDFS High Availability a pair of primary NameNodes are configured. What is true for them?
The client reading the data from HDFS filesystem in Hadoop
Which component of Hadoop stores Metadata information of data stored
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Hadoop Quiz Set 01
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