Spark Quiz Set 01

Spark Assessment Set 01

What Operations does RDD support
What is the main advantage of Spark
Pick odd one out?
Partitions are related to _____________________ in terms of Hadoop
____________ is a component on top of Spark Core.
What are the operations Spark RDD supports
According to Spark advocates, how much faster can Apache Spark potentially run batch-processing programs when processed in memory than MapReduce can?
Which of the following is true wrt Spark?
Transformations are ______________ applied on RDD
_____________________ is a process that reconstructs lost data partitions
Which module of Spark is used for Graph processing?
What is NOT one of the concerns or drawbacks being expressed about Spark?
On applying Transformation on an RDD it results
Point out the correct statement :
What is the command to launch spark shell
What is the primary abstraction in Spark?
True or false? Deploying Spark may also require companies to expand the size of their Hadoop clusters to help handle the additional processing workload.
________ is a distributed graph processing framework on top of Spark
True or false? Spark is currently included in every major distribution of Hadoop.
____________ is a distributed machine learning framework on top of Spark
Which of the following application types can Spark run in addition to batch-processing jobs?
When Running Spark Applications, Is It Necessary To Install Spark On All The Nodes Of Yarn Cluster?
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Spark Quiz Set 01
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