Sivaguru MurugesanCompany: Team lead at NTT data GDS LinkedIn

This program has certainly set way to master the present-day Distributed computing environment. The ideal training methodology motivated me to get skilled efficiently and expertise in Hadoop. And Of course Yes!!! It has driven me to strengthen my CV and experience. As the saying goes "Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen." This firmly gives much sense here. I strongly believe that this course has improved my confidence as an individual and has taught me how to effectively enhance my employability. Besides teaching here comes the opportunity also to self-learn and explore the Framework with appropriate tasks and responsibilities given to each individual. This make easy to be highly participatory. The practical exercises are useful in offering 'hands on' experience. The interactive atmosphere and live examples used are refreshing. And to the point it’s an excellent programme to gain knowledge.

Pawan MalwalCompany: Associate Manager - Syniverse Technologies LinkedIn

I have been working with BigData and Hadoop technologies for more than a year but still due to limited usage there were certain things which were not making sense. I was looking for someone who could clarify all my doubts and give me bigger picture in short time. I found lot many options online but NPN Training had something different to offer. After completing the course I can say that my decision was right. I am pretty much clear and sure about everything I was confused before joining this course. The quality of the training was exceptional, any questions asked were always answered clearly. Naveen gave lot more information than what was part of the curriculum. I am more than satisfied with the knowledge acquired. Thanks so much Naveen for all your help and I really appreciate effort you put to make sure everyone learns. For all those who are aspiring to build a career in BigData/Hadoop, “NPN Training is the place to be”

Krishnaraj SivaramakrishnanCompany: Managing Consultant at IBM LinkedIn

I was initially looking around in the internet, where I found a plethora of courses to learn BigData & Hadoop. Given my preference for face to face traditional classroom style learning, I landed at NPN. Here is what I liked about the course -
1. Approach is straight and simple.. focus on core concepts, hands-on, command line approach, no unnecessary gloss / ppts
2. Brought in a practical view of the purpose of various Hadoop terms and jargon and their actual relevance in real world
3. Using the base / raw version of Apache Hadoop gave a much better understanding of internals than learning Hadoop through customized
platforms like Cloudera / Hortonworks / MapR
4. A passionate technologist and teacher, Naveen brings in a very good understanding working on Hadoop real-time projects along with related technologies (Java, Web-based, Data visualization). Things like "these are good to know," are the best pieces of learning that you typically don't get in online courses. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to start learning Hadoop.

Chaithra NayakCompany: Robert Bosch

After searching alot, i found a institute for Hadoop. I attended Demo classes in other institutes too,but nothing impressed me and i dint feel like joining any of those classes. And then i found writeups about NPN training in quora, writeups spoke alot. Many explained about Naveen sirs teaching, how effective the classes are and many more things. I came for NPN training for Demo class , 1st class was totally impressive. I joined class that day itself. I can see the passion for teaching in his classes and he will always make sure every student in the class understood everything what he is teaching. Every student who attended his classes will definitely have this opinion on him and he will give real time examples for all the topics he is taking and it will help us relate and understand it very well. Everybatch will have only 9 people so personal attention will be given for every student . I strongly recommend NPN institute to anyone who is interested to learn and explore.

Shrihari KarjagiCompany: Enstage Pvt Ltd

1.Concepts are explained very nicely with live examples.
2.Installation, configuration of software are well documented. Documents are self sufficient for beginners for setting up Haddop.
3.Advantage of Mr Naveen's indepth knowledge and experiance in the core technology/Domain areas is a plus point and it helps students.
4.Almost all classes are handson sessions.
5.Mr Naveen is available to help the students any time and every time. He is always available over the call whenever any student approaches him.

Nadeem MehdiCompany: Senior Consultant at NTT DATA Americas @ Goldman Sachs Linkedin

NPN Training operated by Naveen is one of the finest Hadoop training institutes in Bangalore. Naveen delivers the course in a simple and understandable way with great zeal and passion. The course syllabus is exhaustive and topics are illustrated with real time use cases. The course also covers a group project.This course is ideal for both freshers and working professionals who want learn Hadoop from the basics.

Daneshwari G.HCompany: Ionidea LinkedIn

Its one of the best institute for Hadoop. Naveen has great knowledge on Hadoop and Java as I know. He teaches all the concepts from basic. Every class will be hands on, So we will understand better. Naveen sir clears all our doubts and concentrates on everyone. At the end of each class he will make sure everyone understands the concepts. He takes extra care for freshers and teach and help them to know the basic concepts. Overall experience in NPN Training was useful. We learnt concepts of Hadoop and Java with real time examples.

Viswanath NadikatlaCompany: HCL Google +

1. Good Institute with less fees.
2 Naveen is very passionate in sharing his knowledge. .
3. I am very Happy for this institute.
4. E-Learning is much helpfull so that we can gain more information .
5. Teaching less than 10 students per batch is appreicated.

Sreenath YCompany: Enstage Pvt Ltd Facebook

1.All the training materials provided by Naveen are practical oriented.
2.The teaching methodology is good, all the example program are real time based.
3.Concepts are taught in very much straight forward and simple manner.
4.Trainer is having sound experience on the Hadoop Technology, it helped a lot for discussing the real time project scenarios.
5.Trainer focus mainly on practical approach to the concepts.
6. Best Training in the current industry for Hadoop, I say more than worth for your money

Sanjay ShettyCompany: Caterpillar

As a Mainframe resource having 8 years experiences searched few areas to get best training institute and I got finally is NPN Training. Started from Demo Classes it was really helpful and more encouraging to learn. Haddop through Naveen. Naveen's committment of explaning the topic in more interesting way which helped to learn the concept very easily. Just in one word we can get 100's of people who will teach new technology but the way Naveen will teach with the passion is NPN(Naveen) Thank you Naveen for making us perfect in Hadoop and making me as a proffesional in Hadoop from Main Frames.
Cons about NPN
2.Teaching Way.
3.Ability to explain concept in simple way with real time examples.
4.Punctuality in Timinings.

Siva SankarCompany: Gap International Sourcing India Pvt Ltd Linkedin

After going through multiple institutes I landed on Naveen’s NPN Training for Big Data Training. My expectations are completely met and my choice provide to be excellent for following reasons
1. Classes were fully Hands-on with Java & Big Data
2. His easy to go teaching style combined with practical scenarios immensely helped me in understanding Big Data.
3. Training Materials is simple and easily understandable
4. His Patience in explaining Java concepts for non-Java people is highly appreciated
5. His Passion for teaching tells his quest to share knowledge and he maintained excellent relationship with his students.
6. Quality of training in this institute is highly recommended even for Non Java people.
7. Provides real time projects and scenarios which made my understanding of concepts more solid.

Sri Nidhi CMCompany: Tech Mahindra Facebook

I am truly amazed and pleased with your Teaching Skills and the quality of Knowledge you transformed us. With My Experience I would say Mr. Naveen is best in teaching and undoubtedly the Best institution on all the courses offered in NPN training Institute.I had come here for Hadoop Classes wherein I gained knowledge of what I was expecting.The best part is he suggests the candidates to learn the latest technologies and he also gives a glimpse on those in the classes. The Fact is he doesn't commit any placements but what I felt after attending his class was very confident and gained confidence in cracking interviews.The materials are top notch and the batch in NPN Training Institute Deals with 9 per batch and you get lot of attention. In Simple Terms I would describe NPN Training Institute as Quality, Knowledge and Teaching at its best. Naveen you are doing best job by helping others keep the same work going..... :):) You deserve a grand applause!!!!

Harish KCompany: Infosys Technologies Limited Google+

This is my honest opinion . I must say Naveen sir is very genius. People say 1st impression is last impression. That is not all true because me and many people would agree the fact that what course could be delivered with such a low fee and a person who has not advertised himself. But this will all change in the 2nd meet. You will definitely understand his finest intention for making people learn about Hadoop and transfer all his knowledge The best part is for each and every scenarios he gives us his real time examples which makes us easy to understand . In one sentence I can say is that 'Interact with him to experience it'. Comparison with other places actually forget it you can never compare with other because I have attended demo class in various places and this is the best in delivering, communicating , materials etc. The classes are very interactive and informative.

Lakshman SinghCompany: Cibersites India Pvt Ltd Facebook

I came to know about NPN Training from one of my friend. When I attended demo classes, Naveen sir gave clear Top level vision on Big Data and Hadoop Framework. During demo classes Naveen sir explained about different components of Hadoop framework and how they will applied in industry.
As class progress an subsequent weeks, Naveen sir delivered and provided Hands-on experience on each topic, this face me enough confidence on the topic. Along with Class Room Training, Naveen sir started a project for our batch. Every individual will be assigned a specific task from the project. Where we applied the learned concept from class room training. After completion of few weeks of training I got enough confidence on Hadoop and Big Data concepts.
One more beauty of NPN Training is Naveen sir will give complete attention on every class member, he will ensure that every one will be on the same page during class room sessions. The NPN Training portal is very useful for revision, w here materials will be uploaded and can be used. At last but not the least, I have taken correct decision by joining NPN Training, this institute provides a very good training. Thanks a lot Naveen sir

Yatheesh C.RCompany: Tech Mahindra Google +

The overall Hadoop course can be rated as more than Average & Good. All the topics under Hadoop was covered and was delivered with excellence. The materials software’s and the programming modules in addition to the assignments provided by Naveen sir will be much more than practical need, which completes the overall concepts with Hands-on .
Tutor is excellent in delivering each & every concept & makes sure all the students are alert & are understanding what’s been taught in classes.
The course covers both the version of Hadoop (i.e 1.0 and 2.0). The concepts delivered on the day would

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